Imagine User Experience … Then Create It!

Find True Engagement

Throughout school we learned, practiced and discussed information architecture and the user experience from a web perspective. The flow of information and how the user engages with a website, product or service is truly facinating. Even though it seems to be complex, it really isn’t. It comes down to one thing, creating positive interaction with your customer.

In sales you are taught to understand who your customer is, how they think, what motivates them, and provide benefits that appeal to their needs. No matter what your product or service is, essentially it comes down to the customers needs. Basically, make it easy for them to say “YES!”

I found this article on  today, that discussed how the user experience is now driving brand development  as opposed to companies creating a brand and reacting.  Larger companies are now imagining the experiences and working out how to create it. Companies such as Apple have done this, and done it well. I hope you enjoy this article and short video as much as I did.

It’s a great reminder to small and large companies alike how important human engagement really is.